Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

UMC is an international mineral company that adheres to the best business practices and high standards of business ethics in its activities.

In order to promote honest and ethical business, maintain a positive business reputation of the company, comply with the rules of anti-corruption legislation, as well as effectively manage conflicts of interest, UMC adopted a number of fundamental documents that guide every employee of the company, regardless of position and position.


Production facilities are located in the city of Dnipro, and warehouses in Ukraine allow customers get the product quickly and conveniently for them. Our client can be sure that the product purchased from us is obtained in-house and is not subject to resale.


The production of our products is based on local raw materials, making it possible to be more flexible in pricing matters, and this, in turn, allows customers to predict the value of their products for a long period. We are always open to dialogue and ready to meet our needs to partners.


Working with us, our customers get direct contracts with the manufacturer, which allows you to have comfortable conditions for delivery and payment, build long-term partnerships relationship and rely on technical support. In this case, the shipment of products can occur from warehouses located in Kiev, the Dnieper and Odessa.


Our products constantly undergo quality control, which is determined by both our own and an independent laboratory. High quality standards and production standards supported by our company are confirmed by metrological and sanitary-epidemiological conclusions.

Management of local environmental impact

In accordance with the adopted Policy of the integrated management system in the field of occupational safety and the environment, UMC considers environmental safety, protection of human health and the environment an integral element of its activities and one of its strategic priorities.

Increased social responsibility

Our approach to environmental management is based on reliable identification, assessment and control of material risks at all stages of our business, from exploration to development, operation and closure. In addition to our direct environmental management actions, we use recycled materials, which offer opportunities to preserve and ensure long-term environmental benefits.


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