The UMC product portfolio includes various fillings for the ceramic industry, the production of sanitary ware and utensils.

We focus on the production of sustainable, highly efficient mineral fillers and cost-effective solutions based on them.


Our product portfolio includes a variety of fillers for the paint industry and dry construction mixtures.

A deep understanding of the mineral science gives UMC the advantages and the opportunity to be a specialized industry partner, providing besides raw materials and support services, including technical advice and advice on coatings.


The UMC product portfolio includes various fillings for the brick industry, which together with our experience allows us to be a leader in this market of raw materials.

Our team consists of qualified engineers who provide integrated solutions for the industry.


UMC manufactures a range of products tailored to the specifics of each national or international market.

New sizes and modifications of raw materials are constantly expanding this range for the most effective use in the production of colored glass.


The leadership of UMC is due to the presence of a unique raw material, the introduction of which betrays special properties and the expansion of product application areas in terms of thermal, mechanical and operational characteristics.

Cooperation with the largest Ukrainian companies provides UMC with an important competitive advantage in the form of long-term contracts for the supply of raw materials in the plastics and rubber products industry.


In the development and modification of raw materials, we take into account all aspects that affect the quality of our products and the performance characteristics of rubber products of our customers.

Efficiency priorities are integral features of UMC activities. They are reflected in the policy of the integrated management system, which is shared by employees and serves as a guideline at all production sites.

Introducing innovations, we strive to deeply understand both the expectations and technologies of our customers, and end-users of finished products. Our team uses its deep knowledge of minerals and attracts significant resources for research and development to offer innovations that meet the needs of our partners.

Specialized solutions based on minerals provide quality products and processes for our customers. The UMC company, which is a professional in the field of mineral resources for industry, develops solutions with four use cases in the production chain and various parts of functional applications.

Share of customers

  • Ceramic
  • Paint
  • Construction
  • Rubber
  • Glass
  • Other


Ingredients in the formulations of customer products that improve their properties: kaolin facilitates printing and gives gloss; pigments set the desired color of the product; Barium carbonate prevents the formation of “efflorescence” on the surface of a brick, etc.



The materials used as such without any transformations from the UMC clients. These include tile and brick, which combine convenience with energy efficiency in the construction of a comfortable, eco-friendly.



The most important fillers for our customers’ products: clay, kaolin or pigments are used to make various ceramic products.



Products used in customer production processes that are not part of the finished product. This applies to monolithic fire stops used to protect high-temperature furnaces (steel, foundry, cement, energy and petrochemistry).


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