for paints, ceramics and bricks

for paints, ceramics and bricks

In 2018, the company launched a new production of iron oxide pigment with the content of the main substance Fe₂O₃ more than 99.5%

UMC promotes its obligations in the developing market of pigments and fillers.

The company for the production of mineral fillers, has developed a red iron oxide pigment for use in various industries: paint and varnish materials, brick manufacturing, ceramics, industrial rubber goods with the aim of giving different shades of red color to finished products.

The product further expands the UMC portfolio of high-performance fillers for the technology of introducing raw materials into a multi-component body.

The new iron oxide pigment UMC has a high content of iron oxide in the form of Fe₂O₃, the value of which exceeds 99.5%, as well as a highly dispersed composition with an average particle diameter of D₅₀ = 0.35 μm, which, in turn, has a positive effect on the stability and quality of products based on it.

The spherical shape of the particles of the new iron oxide pigment UMC gives excellent fluidity and dispersibility in the environment, which makes it suitable for use in various industries of application.


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