for paints, plastics and rubbers

for paints, plastics and rubbers

Calcined grades of kaolin are used in many applications based on various properties of the calcined clay, and the resulting finished product characteristics are improved. There is a calcined clay to improve the property or decrease the cost in coatings, inks, rubber, plastic and cement.

New line of calcined kaolins is widely used as an extender in flat and satin paints as it provides a high degree of opacity and tint strength. Its high brightness results in whiter paints and bases that provide cleaner colors. These products provide excellent optical properties for titanium dioxide extension in rubber and plastic compounds and also offers high impact strength when compounded into engineering plastics.

UMC company wants to introduce a new line of calcined kaolins for the industries described above, which include products: Novacoat and Superfine. These products have high whiteness, brightness and ultra-dispersion particle size allowing to obtain products of a fundamentally new level of quality and functional.


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